Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Join Split Up Society

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Their fifth year marked the life span of Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy as they have tweeted their split up this year. However, their tweets showed no sign of bitterness as they stated kind words about how they have been happy with each other for the last five years.

The Yes Man star and former Playboy model started dating in December of 2005 but has not formally announced their relationship until June of 2006. During McCarthy’s guesting in The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she stated that they have decided to live together but has not pointed out that they don’t have plans of getting married. But Carrey almost… and that is almost, did a mock marriage proposal to her for Yes Man’s promotional means.

Currently, Jim Carrey stars the film I Love You Phillip Morris Together with Ewan McGregor while Jenny McCarthy continues to be an autism advocate after her own son was diagnosed and suffered autistic symptoms.

Photo via zimbio.com


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