Joanie Dodds: From Runway to Run My Renovation

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

If you have been an avid fan of America’s Next Top Model, one of the things that you may ask is where are the contestants are right now? There are some that have pursued modeling while there are some that may be trying out television just like Joanie Dodds.

DIY Network will launch a new show entitled Run My Renovation in the middle part of the year. Run My Renovation is a television show that features several homes that they will renovate to redesign them. The only difference is that instead of the contractors or the hosts to decide on the renovation, they would ask audience to go online and vote for the designs that they want to have for the featured house or rooms like fixtures and others. This show will feature Joanie and John De Silvia, a licensed contractor, as the host and co-host respectively.

Joanie Dodds was a contestant in ANTM cycle 6 where she ended being a runner up even with consistently strong photographs and nailing her CoverGirl commercial. She went on a final runway test along side with Danielle Evans, who was hailed as the Top Model for that cycle.

Can’t remember Joanie? She is the preacher’s daughter who made Tyra Banks to drop her jaw in telling her story about rebelling against her father by doing some amateur nights at strip club and being a cage dancer for some time. But later on, she wowed Tyra after seeing her test prints by having a model presence in every shot. Another thing to remember about her is that she was the one who spent hours in the dentist’s office just to extract her snaggletooth and fix her teeth. During their Thailand challenge, she impressed professional classical Thai dancers as well as the prominent person in Elle Thailand with her version of their classical Thai dance and eventually winning the challenge. She also impressed Jay Manuel by producing good photos while balancing on the elephant’s foot and climbing the big creature on her own. She was also the first one to set a number of records in the ANTM history like being the first one not to be included in the bottom two until the final runway, greatest number of first call outs and three-consecutive first call outs.

Currently, she is still modeling and has been a guest judge in Vietnamese Modeling Project. This show does not have any announced date and time yet but it was estimated to air around August this year.

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