Top 23 Disliked Reality Stars

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reality shows are named as such because they are real challenges that will showcase real people. Because of this, it will be possible for people to show their real personalities. Most of the time, these reality shows would need strategies so they will win these games. Some use foul strategies that cause people, especially the viewers, hate them.

With all the reality shows found in the entertainment industry, Fox News listed 23 stars that are hated by not only by viewers but of course by their fellow reality contestants. The following are just the three out of the 23 stars that even you may not really like… at all.

Jonny Fairplay
His name may be Fairplay but if you watched Suvivor Pearl Islands, you can say that he did not play fair. In the reward challenge, he has lied that his grandmother died and he want to learn more about what happened to her. He won the reward challenge with the help of Burton, a fellow castaway who felt sorry for him. In the end, Fairplay stated that everything was a lie and his grandmother is still alive.

As for Jeff Probst, he stated that this is the “greatest lie” that has been said throughout the whole history of the Survivor.

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Brad Womack
Handsome and hot. These are the characteristics that women love about every guy featured as “The Bachelor.” However, Brad Womack may have these characteristics but he is not that liked by many viewers.

Why? This is because he did not give the final rose to any of the last two candidates. Although it’s his choice, viewers as well as Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas (the contestants), were left with their jaw dropped.

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Simon Cowell
Yes, he is not a reality show contestant but he is perhaps the hated American idol judge by many viewers. He gives the real meaning to the term “brutally frank” because of his comments that can make an Idol contestant feel humiliated. But face reality, he has a point on judging the contestants.

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