Former American Idol Apprehended

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Former American Idol finalist was copped in Georgia on March 29, 2010 because of having a fight with another woman.

Stephanie Edwards, who is now 22 years old, was caught by cops fighting with another woman in the street. The police stopped the two women and were arrested after making a scene in Savannah. The primary reason why they fought was Edwards confronted the other woman because of being harassed through phone calls. They were then asked to come with the cops to the nearest jail in the area to settle the matter.

If you will remember Stephanie Edwards, she auditioned for American Idol’s sixth season and Memphis, Tennessee. She made the cut for the season and work herself up to secure her spot in the top 12 along with Jordin Sparks. However, her Idol journey ended early as she was eliminated when America voted for their top 10 American Idol, which Jordin Sparks won the season.

As for the case, Edwards got several scratches on the face and chest. The other woman got a bruised eye because of the incident. Bond has been settled for this case.

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