Unraveling Jodie Foster

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jodie Foster started her career as a child actress in tomboyish roles. She was known for portraying complex characters in film which include of course the most popular Silence of the Lambs. Unlike other stars who started as a child actress, she did not have a hard time making a very smooth transition to taking mature and more adult roles. It was in 1988 when she portrayed the role of a rape victim who fights the injustice of the law system for women. It was for this performance and the one as Clarice Starling in the first mentioned movie that made her win two Best Actress trophies at the Academy Awards.

When the 90s came, she started venturing out to film making and it was for the movie Little Man Tate that she started working as a director-actress. She was the co-producer for the film Nell where she also got another Oscar nomination for best actress. Her other amazing films in her acting resume include Panic Room, Inside Man, The Brave One and The Beaver.

It was in 2007 when she made huge news in the headlines due to her acceptance speech in one prestigious event where she paid tribute to her long time partner Cydney Bernard. Some press thought this was her way of coming out. Both were never seen being affectionate to each other but it was frequent that Bernard was seen with the actress’ kids on almost every occasion. A year later, news spread that the two have separated.


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