Who Will Be The Next American Idol For 2011?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Just when James Durbin said goodbye to make way for the top 3, I am betting to have two females for the Finals this time around – Hailey Reinhart and Lauren Alaina. It has been some time now that two males always face off for the finals and it would bring more excitement and more of what is unsuspected if these two ladies would be the ones we will see at the end.

Scotty McCreery is definitely good and even if he gets voted out by next week, I am sure he will end up nicely with an ideal music career as a country singer. In fact, I am visualizing him as the next Tim McGraw in the country music genre.

Lauren reminds me of the timbre of voice of Alison Krauss and the oozing appeal of Carrie Underwood. Hailey has a very powerful voice too and her tendencies of always coming out better after a big bang could be the sole big threat to Lauren. Let’s watch and see! We will keep you posted.


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