‘The Beaver’ Movie Review

Monday, May 9, 2011

Starring Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster

Directed by Jodie Foster

Year: 2011

He’s here to save Walter’s Life.

You can say that this movie can be a great comeback film for the ever talented Mel Gibson. In fact, you would think that it was easy for Gibson to play out his depressed CEO role since he has been through a lot himself in the past several months.

He plays the role of Walter Black who was not just thrown out by a company but also by his wife. He then finds a hand puppet that looks like a beaver in a trash can of a liquor store. He then finds comfort with this puppet.

Jodie Foster plays the role of his conflicting wife and surprisingly, the director too of the film. This film is your usual family drama movie that is everything Foster’s fans and followers would surely look forward to. If you have despised Gibson for some time now, it is time to fall in love with his acting skills all over again for this.


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