After ‘Twilight’ Movie Series, Here Comes ‘The Host’

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yes, it will be Saoirse Ronan, the Oscar nominated lead of amazing films like ‘The Lovely Bones’ and ‘Hanna’ who will play the lead role for the movie adaptation of ‘The Host’. The novel was also written by the popular author Stephenie Meyer who is the worldwide known writer of ‘Twilight’ and the rest of its series of books and movies. It will be Andrew Niccol who wrote its script who was also the director then of the old film ‘Gattaca’. He will also most likely be the one to direct the said feature.

Ronan will play the character of Melanie who is kidnapped by the aliens and was implanted with a Soul that is named as Wanderer. However, the Soul finds her different from the rest of the other hosts since she is so much unwilling not to let go of her consciousness.

It was said in other news that the author was a bit hesitant to turn the book into a film but she only was convinced when she knew it was Niccol to do the script. The author herself is a fan of ‘Gattaca’ and ‘The Truman Show’, she actually handpicked the screenwriter.

The plans of directing the project was left aside for a while since Niccol had to focus on directing ‘Now’. But since it has been done with production, it is most likely he will come back for the possibility of directing ‘The Host’.


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