Who Would You Like For The Amazing Justin Bieber?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This 16 year old teen pop sensation is taking the stage not just as a talented musician but a cute looking romantic. He may be crazy busy singing and dancing here and there these days but he said in one interview that you’d never really know who you fall for.

Here are the potential girls who can make up for the potential girlfriend list of the very single Justin Bieber!

Abigail Breslin

This very accomplished and hard working young actress is just two years younger than Justin. They can be a great much especially in the showbiz industry with their fully packed career resumes.

Chloe Mortez

She may just be 13 now but imagine when they both reach their twenties, they can really be a wonderful pair! Aside from being pretty cute, they also have one outstanding thing in common: the totally awesome hair!

Miranda Cosgrove

Who would not know iCarly? They can be a potential pair since they are not just always present at the same events but also their love for music would surely bind them well together.

For all the fans out there though, here’s the good news. Justin is open to the possibility of even dating a fan. This was according to his recent Twitter account message. So keep the faith up girls!

Photo via gossipteen.com


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