Spoiler without Alert from Ryan Seacrest

Friday, March 19, 2010

American Idol is possibly one of the most watched reality shows of the current season. This is because most people would like to see fresh talents to dominate the entertainment world. And if you think of the American Idol, one of the people who will come into your mind is Ryan Seacrest.

Being the host for the whole nine seasons of AI, people may have already associated show with him. However, one mistake and it made a lot of AI fans disappointed with him. The reason? Spoiler.

How did it happen? It all started with a tweet about the result of AI for this week and will be a guest on his radio talk show. Although this is a good way to publicize the show, the problem is that the result has not been showed to other parts of the country particularly in the West Coast.

Because of this, lots of AI fans who have read it on his tweet got very disappointed by breaking the results without them watching the show. The next thing to find out is whether this act may cause lesser audience to watch the show and just wait for them to announce the next American Idol.

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