Ben Stiller 's Potential Lyme Disease

Thursday, March 25, 2010

After incurring a very minor accident in Mozambique, Ben Stiller seems to still have some of the inflammatory symptoms on his legs for almost a month now. In Mozambique, he accidentally stepped on a covered ditch and stretched out his knee resulting to stiffness and pain.

After coming back to the country, he got a check up and found out that there is fluid in his leg. They took out some fluid so they can conduct some tests on it.

There has been some tests done and the physician stated that he may have Lyme disease. If it’s not Lyme disease, he would need to undergo another test like orthoscopy.

The cause of Lyme disease is a type of Borrellia bacteria that are usually carried by ticks. Usually, it will have a rash with a pattern of a bull’s eye or a target and can be treated with antibiotic.

This celebrity’s son has also incurred the same problem coming from their East Coast trip and now this disease is speculated as the one to be causing the inflammation and stiffness on his leg. For now, results of concluding tests are still waiting for results to know whether this is really Lyme’s disease or other problems.

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